I wanna be adored
"Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life."
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This hit me like a brick…

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The Blue Arch of a Mosque in EsfahanPhoto and caption by Tandis KhodadadianPhotographed April 2013, Esfahan, Iran


Self-portraits/color experiments

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Press TV’s Gaza correspondent breaks down while covering Israeli killing of Palestinian children

Gaza is receiving no international aide as they are being slaughtered by Israel. Egypt has closed off it’s borders, won’t even extract medically injured persons or deliver medical supplies. Only let in Gazans with foreign passports. Civilians, kids, women, doctors, paramedics, are being murdered. my heart is so heavy and even though I am far from well off just living on American soil makes me feel so guilty rn. what a horrendous account of human rights violations occurring, and just look at those in power silently watching.

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this is literally unbearable


“Factory Party”, Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, Unidentified Guests, photos by Stephen Shore, NYC 1965

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"I know a lot more racists, sexists, bullies, aggressors than I do crackheads, and I know who I’d rather hang out with any day of the week."
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The site of reversible destiny
The Reversible Destiny Foundation is an artists-architects-poets group formed by Madeline Gins and Arakawa. The Foundation’s work concerns the body, its simultaneously specific and non-specific relation to its surroundings. The philosophical findings of what a body or person is directs their architectural theories and works. The Foundation plans to collaborate with practitioners in a wide range of disciplines including, but not limited to experimental biology, neuroscience, quantum physics, experimental phenomenology, and medicine. Their architectural projects have included residences, parks and plans for housing complexes and neighborhoods.


Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.

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Dean Martin and Audrey Hepburn share a laugh on the set of Sabrina, 1954.


Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing (1786)
William Blake